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Volunteer Spotlight: Tim and Lisa Scheidel

Tim and Lisa Scheidel have spent the past 38 years enjoying their beautiful Sharp Street home in the Town of Concord, in large part due to its proximity to what is now the ECRT trail. Their property features an expansive lawn with magnificent, mature trees. The backyard perimeter slopes about 5’ to meet the trail. Access is made easy, as the Scheidels installed and maintain a convenient stairway that they and their dog Torque use on a regular basis.

“We were using the corridor even back when it was still an active railroad,” admits Lisa. “It’s a great place to see all kinds of wildlife. It’s like having a park in your own backyard.”

Tim and Lisa Scheidel

Tim, a construction worker with Ingall’s Site Development, does extensive mowing on the trail, generally from Middle Road to Genesee, and often cleans up storm damage, such as felled branches and trees. Lisa, a school bus driver, enjoys long walks on the trail where she encounters all kinds of people–from horseback riders to joggers. Both keep an eye out for anything suspicious and report incidents promptly to the ECRT maintenance team.

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